One day in 2005 Joshua Bastian, Joseph Douville, and Ryan Allmandinger got together and accidentally started making a film. It was shot on equipment that was never intended for the movies, with materials better suited to a kindergarten class. It could have been doomed from the start. Fortunately, Joe brought with him the nimble fingers & mind of an artist, Josh a Film degree from UC Santa Cruz with a minor in the meticulous, and Ryan an understanding of how to ramshackle technology together to meet our needs. All of us shared an ambition to collaborate on a film people will enjoy.

Making a stop motion film requires many things, but most importantly patience, precision, help, and experience…second only to precise amounts of wine and good company. The three of us get along well with just the right amount of intense collusion & friendly fighting. In the film Joe pushed for a social message, Ryan a political message, and Josh wanted us all to get along. Luckily we could all agree on blood & guts.

It was for this that we allotted countless hours to work together

It wouldn’t be for another seven years that “Next Species” would be named and completed.

A big thanks to everyone that helped:


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Joseph Douville: Creator, Writer, Director, Modeler & Animator, Set Design

Joshua Bastian: Creator, Writer, Director, Editor, Special Effects, Set Design

Ryan Allmandinger: Creator, Writer, Technical Assistant, Set Design

Terrence Huntington: Original Score

David Nicholson: Additional Special Effects


Joshua Bastian - Joc
Aaron "Frog" Braga - Overlord Maddas, Kid
Tucker Braga - Ufsua Commander in Chief, Hatman
Donald Bowles - Ed
Joseph Douville - Narrator, Sergent Fezk
Mike Kieran - Ufsua Vice Commander
Marty Lewis - Bob
Halcyone Rapp - Kimmy
Liz Ross - Dr. Atom
Kimberly Robson - Punk Girl
Thomas Thornhill - Old Man
Ashley Volz - Mrs. Krups
Dan West - Colonel Drek
Nadia White - Ani
Jason Woldseth, Alex Redmond - Extras

- Extras


Mike and Barbara Getz
David and Elaine Bastian
Paul Douville
Halcyone Rapp
Elzeard Rapp
Marcia Braga
Serena Johnson
Orion Murphy
Harry Woodum
Shaya Shub Durbin
Mike Kieran
D Gregor
Aaron "Frog" Braga
Alex and Diana Redmond
Karl Lanquist
Brian Robson
Connie Bastian
Travis Roberts
Cody James Roberts
Dan West
Sarah Douville
Louise Douville
George Green
Chris Steng