Joseph Douville loves movies. His first job was at a movie theater and he has kept that employment for 15 years (up to the time of this writing). He designed, created, and animated the characters, co-wrote and co-directed, and did the sound for "Next Species." He is currently helping with an episodic live action called "Hero Factory" where he is working with lighting, camera and sound.

Having dabbled in making a few short "claymations" his friends Ryan Allmandinger and Joshua Bastian watched one of them and said, "Let's make one together." Since that moment there have been countless nights of eating dinner together and discussing the story line for this film. The question was presented: What message do you want to convey in this story? Ryan answered, "I want to make a political statement regarding the horrors of war." Josh said, "I want to make a comment about fear and overcoming it." And Joseph stated, "I want to present a message of rebirth." Plenty of script rewrites and storyboards later and production was ready to begin. That's when the real work began. We hope you enjoy our labor of love.

If you wish to contact Joseph please write him from the contact link on this website.